Seattle Beer Week

Hello Barzies,

Well after your liver recovers from Cinco De Mayo, starting next Thursday will be Beer Week and will go till the 20th, so 10 days of awesome Washington beer. To continue to be in the loop of what's going on you can go to and go to events to see what's going on if you want to join in on the fun or just head to your local beer establishment and drink! 




Cinco De Mayo spots for Cap Hill

Hello Barzy fans, 

Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner and it also means summer is in full swing. So lets get started about the top places for Cinco De Drinko in the Cap Hill area!

1) The Saint -A tequila bar and taqueria located in the heart of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. A great spot for expanding your knowledge of Tequila, just recently remolded with a bright pink façade (makes it hard to miss and their Tacos are back).

2) Mezcaleria Oaxaca - Dual restaurant and rooftop bar, which serves over 30+ Mezcals and traditional Oaxaca food. Enjoy some tasty tacos and when your done take your drink upstairs and watch the sunset over Seattle.  

3) Nacho Borracho - Slushie machines that go round and round with multiple flavors. Light food that you order in the back with and a DJ from 6pm to close.  

4) Bimbos Cantina & Cha Cha Lounge - Another dual spot on our list with Cha Cha lounge when you enter the door, where you can sit down and enjoy some food before heading down to Bimbos cantina and enjoy a disco lounge and tiki bar for your drinks.    

5) Chaves - For those who want the quieter route but a good spot I recommend Chaves its great little spot away from the beaten path of Pike/Pine cap hill, with great Tacos and cocktails.  

Well those our are top spots for you to check out this coming Saturday leave a comment about your favorite Mexican spot if its not on here and see you at the bar with a shot of tequila! 



Barzy in 2018

Hey Barzy followers,

So we currently running our Beta version of the app if you would to be apart of it, please email with your email and asking about joining our beta and we will help to get setup. 

As we continue to into the coming months we plan to add a couple of features that you want to see like nearby enabled GPS tile, updated list of events from the bar profile pages, an interactive map and few others. 

Also feel free to let us know what new bars are opening up in your area or ones that aren't on our app and we will happily get those on board into our system. 

Thanks again from TeamBarzy and cheers to the new year!




Nathan HirschComment
Hello Seattle!

We are diligently working to deliver you the ultimate "social" app -- BARZY

Ourselves, disappointed and dissatisfied with the current options, strive to create a mobile platform with the ability to shuffle through the options and distill the list down to not only what we are in the mood for (be it a dive bar, sports bar... quiet night or a rowdy evening) but also, what we are going to enjoy. The trouble is, current options for finding a place to chill, just...well...don't get us. To put it plainly, "I like what I like", not necessarily what you like, "you do you".

Furthermore, in our efficiency optimized, constantly multitasking, harried mindset, we don't want to read through dozens of reviews by total strangers whose opinion, That is time wasted that would be better spent getting to our watering hole before happy hour is over!  We want our app to function as a local expert, plugged into the entire social scene, ready and able to give you the best recommendation for your night. Are you new in town? Great, BARZY will hook you up with a list of places that will match the style and scene of your hometown haunts.

Cheers, to no more wasted nights in lame bars. Get ready for BARZY, an app that is truly social. 

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