Hello Seattle!

We are diligently working to deliver you the ultimate "social" app -- BARZY

Ourselves, disappointed and dissatisfied with the current options, strive to create a mobile platform with the ability to shuffle through the options and distill the list down to not only what we are in the mood for (be it a dive bar, sports bar... quiet night or a rowdy evening) but also, what we are going to enjoy. The trouble is, current options for finding a place to chill, just...well...don't get us. To put it plainly, "I like what I like", not necessarily what you like, "you do you".

Furthermore, in our efficiency optimized, constantly multitasking, harried mindset, we don't want to read through dozens of reviews by total strangers whose opinion, just...well...sucks. That is time wasted that would be better spent getting to our watering hole before happy hour is over!  We want our app to function as a local expert, plugged into the entire social scene, ready and able to give you the best recommendation for your night. Are you new in town? Great, BARZY will hook you up with a list of places that will match the style and scene of your hometown haunts.

Cheers, to no more wasted nights in lame bars. Get ready for BARZY, an app that is truly social. 

Nathan HirschComment