Cinco De Mayo Spots - Cap Hill

Hello Barzy fans, 

Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner and it also means summer is in full swing. So lets get started about the top places for Cinco De Drinko in the Cap Hill area!

1) The Saint -A tequila bar and taqueria located in the heart of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. A great spot for expanding your knowledge of Tequila, just recently remolded with a bright pink fa├žade (makes it hard to miss and their Tacos are back).

2) Mezcaleria Oaxaca - Dual restaurant and rooftop bar, which serves over 30+ Mezcals and traditional Oaxaca food. Enjoy some tasty tacos and when your done take your drink upstairs and watch the sunset over Seattle.  

3) Nacho Borracho - Slushie machines that go round and round with multiple flavors. Light food that you order in the back with and a DJ from 6pm to close.  

4) Bimbos Cantina & Cha Cha Lounge - Another dual spot on our list with Cha Cha lounge when you enter the door, where you can sit down and enjoy some food before heading down to Bimbos cantina and enjoy a disco lounge and tiki bar for your drinks.    

5) Chaves - For those who want the quieter route but a good spot I recommend Chaves its great little spot away from the beaten path of Pike/Pine cap hill, with great Tacos and cocktails.  

Well those our are top spots for you to check out this coming Saturday leave a comment about your favorite Mexican spot if its not on here and see you at the bar with a shot of tequila!