It all started when some friends and I returned from college to our hometown and discovered the inefficiency in trying to search online to find a specific bar scene. Of course, we could search for a specific bar or club, but details such as general age group, price for drinks, beverage & food menu, type of music, etc. were all unknown variables. Using the 1-5 star rating system (to help narrow it down) didn't really work either, considering it's subjectivity. Although someone may rate bar "A" as a 5-star experience, because we don't necessarily share the same interests, that rating doesn't hold much water. After much discussion, the idea for BARZY (a customizable bar finder app) was born. Our mission would be to help users (eventually around the world) find a specific bar scene determined by their preferences.


Currently we are aggressively involved in beta-testing, with a plan to launch the app in fall 2017. If you are interested in helping to support the completion of this app, look for the donate button below. If you would simply like more details about our business model and future plans, please contact us.